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High pressure water jetter

At SJ Atkins Plumbing, our water jetters are the most efficient and technologically advanced high pressure machines available for pipe cleaning and rootcutting. Whether it’s tree roots, grease or general debris blocking your drains & pipes, our high pressure water jetter will deal with it.

Our jetters can be used in areas with limited access and in confined spaces, where conventional machines may not be able to be used.

high pressure water jetters are effective at clearing tree roots from pipes

Tree roots searching for water in your pipes and drains lead to blockages such as the one above, which was effectively removed with a water jetter. In order to avoid these sorts of problems, it is recommended that you don’t plant large trees near sewer and stormwater lines.

CCTV Drain Camera

Drain Pipe Cameras, or closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV), are specifically designed to look into drains and pipes in order to identify the source of a problem, or potential trouble spots. As the camera makes its way through the drainage pipes, we can see exactly what is happening through a video monitor. It’s especially useful for blockages and problems that tend to reoccur over time.

Often, a drain-camera inspection would be the best course of action, saving you from having to constantly repair a problem that occurs repeatedly.  Finding the exact source of a blockage can keep you from having to rip up and replace an extended portion of underground pipes and drains. Once the problem has been identified, it is often useful to utlilise our high pressure water jetters to clear the blockage quickly and effectively.

Leak Detection & Repair

Did you know that a slowly dripping cold water tap loses about 5,000 litres of water over a three month period? If you see wetness arond your taps and hot water systems, you could have leaks in your plumbing.

These days water is a costly commododity and no one wants to waste large quantities of it through pointless leaks. Obscured leaks, such as those that occur underground and are caused by damaged or aging pipes can result in considerable losses and enormous amounts of damage to your property or business.

The first place to start is to check for leaks is your water meter, which is usually located close to the front of your property, ususally just inside the front fence. Modern water meters display usage to as little as a tenth of a litre (100ml)enabling leaks to be identified quickly, by following the steps below.

1. Ensure that all taps within the house and garden (not including the stop-tap) are turned off, and that all water appliances, including toilets, dishwashers and washing machines, are NOT being used.

2. Take a few minutes to observe the meter look for any movement in the wheel.

3. To determine the extent of a leak, take 2 readings. After the initial reading, wait 10 minutes, then take another reading. Don’t forget to read all the dials.

4. What is the difference (in litres) between the two readings? Multiply by six to determine the amount of litres lost per hour.

5. Call a plumber to come and fix the leak!

You can reach us on 5479 6053.

Hot Water Systems

We all love our hot water! SJ Atkins Plumbing can repair or replace any hot water heater and we specialise in the same day supply & installation of hot water systems across the Sunshine Coast. Our plumbing professionals can give you expert advice on selecting the best hot water system for you and your family.

Heat Pump Water Systems

Heat pumps offer the most energy-efficient way to provide heating and cooling in many ways, as they can use renewable heat sources in our surroundings. If you would like to know if a heat pump is suitable for you, give us a call to discuss your requirments.

Instantaneous Hot Water

If you enjoy hot water instantly at the turn of a tap, this type of hot water heating is for you, providing as much hot water as you need, when you need it.  Designed to ensure that you never run out of hot water, these hot water systems are also easy to install, efficient and extremeley popular.

Solar Hot Water Systems

The upfront cost of a solar water heater is much higher than electric or gas water heaters, but the money you will save off your energy bills will definitely compensate for this over time. There are widely available government rebates and incentives which can greatly reduce the cost of installation.


Too Small? Too Scary? No Storage? No Privacy? No Style?

We can help! A Bathroom Makeover could be just what you need! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Our trained plumbers are up to date with all of the latest products and can help you make the best choices for your new bathroom according to your needs and budget. We can order all of your products and install them for you in one quick process!

Water tanks

Why not improve your home, do something that is good for the environment, and save valuable dollars at the same time?. The sun is getting hotter, temperatures are rising, and water is evaporating!! With a rainwater tank you can harvest as much rain water as nature provides.

As the days get hotter it is imperative to have as much water as you can at your finger tips, for many reasons from bush fire protection, watering your garden, filling your pool, or even keeping the fish pond full and the fountain flowing.

Most Water Tanks can be placed straight on the ground with no preparation needed. Rainwater tanks will save you time and money.

What size water tank do I need?

Here’s a hypothetical situation that should help answer the first question. Assume you would like to:

Water your garden for 15 minutes at a time, twice a week

Water your lawn for 15 minutes, twice a week

Clean your car for 5 minutes once a week, and

Top up your swimming pool for 60 minutes every few weeks

Those common activities mean you would use roughly 500-600 litres of water a week.  That’s a fair amount of water, so a mid-size rainwater tank (usually about 5000 litres capacity) might see you through.  Of course there are other questions to address, for example, if you want to connect the tank to your toilet or laundry.

Again, our plumbers can work with you to determine what makes the most sense for your individual situation.

New sewer connections

If you are considering developing, then you may need a new sewer point or reticulation to be brought to your property. As an approved live sewer contractor SJ Atkins Plumbing has the accreditation, skills and equipment to handle your job easily.

Septic systems to mains

We can help decommission septic tanks and connections to sewer mains. SJ Atkins Plumbing can come to your home or site for an inspection to work out the best way to go about decommissioning septic tanks, and reconnecting all the fixtures in the house to the reticulated main.

Customers have had us help replumb the house wastes where necessary, and organise to have the existing septic pumped out. We can also help with all necessary inspections and lodge plans and paper work with authorities, as well as back fill excavations and old septic.

Sewer and storm water

SJ Atkins Plumbing’s staff and equipment capabilities enable us to repair blocked sewer and storm water pipes, of any size and in any location.

BFPD – back flow prevention device

Backflow occurs when a contaminated source enters the water supply. The contaminated source can enter through a cross connection with the drinking water supply, causing health concerns for those using the water.

Backflow prevention containment devices protect drinking water supply from contamination. Units vary depending on the hazard rating of the property.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Reduces the risk of burns by ensuring the maximum temperature for delivery of hot water in bathroom areas is 43.5 – 50 degrees celsius, in line with government requirements.

SJ Atkins Plumbing are up to date with all regulatory requirements for domestic and commercial applications and are Accredited for the Supply, Installation & Certification of Thermostatic Mixing Valves.

SJ Atkins Plumbing provides a range of Plumbing Maintenance Services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors. If you need Body Corporate Work for Industrial Sheds, Real Estate Work, Gas Installations and Repairs, Boiling Water Service Installation and Repair, Backflow Prevention Systems, Tap Repair, Dishwasher & Fridge Installations, Roof Drainage Issues, Gutter Drainage Issues, Stormwater Issues, Hot Water System change-overs, Thermostatic Mixing Valve Installation & Testing we can take care of it. Give us a call on 54796053 or send us an email at admin@sjatkinsplumbing.com.au.

Water, Gas & Sewer Main Repair & Installation

Cast Iron, PVC, Copper, HDPE etc, you name it, we’ve installed and repaired it! We have pipework in stock to solve immediate problems.

Preventative Maintenance Programmes & Contracts

Scheduled maintenance programs are available and recommended for drains, sewer lines, backflow prevention certification, thermostatic mixing valves and all your plumbing needs. We undertake water saving assessments, plumbing condition reports and consultancy.

At SJ Atkins Plumbing, nothing is more important to us than honouring our commitment to professionalism. Our plumbers are all professionally trained and industry accredited. They are also polite, friendly, appropriately dressed and they turn up on time! Our equipment is up to date and well maintained, and we take pride in doing doing an excellent job every time.

If you need multiple location service or information about corporate maintenance accounts and 24/7 emergency plumbing services throughout the Sunshine Coast region, please contact us on (07)5479 6053 for a free, no obligation, commercial plumbing consultation.