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Water Tanks


Why not improve your home, do something that is good for the environment, and save valuable dollars at the same time?. The sun is getting hotter, temperatures are rising, and water is evaporating!! With a rainwater tank you can harvest as much rain water as nature provides.
As the days get hotter it is imperative to have as much water as you can at your finger tips, for many reasons from bush fire protection, watering your garden, filling your pool, or even keeping the fish pond full and the fountain flowing.
Most Water Tanks can be placed straight on the ground with no preparation needed. Rainwater tanks will save you time and money.
The two questions we typically get about rainwater tanks are, what size tank do I need?  And, what government rebates apply to my purchase?

Here’s a hypothetical situation that should help answer the first question. Assume you would like to:
  • Water your garden for 15 minutes at a time,
    twice a week
  • Water your lawn for 15 minutes, twice a week
  • Clean your car for 5 minutes once a week, and
  • Top up your swimming pool for 60 minutes
    every few weeks
IS THIS EASY TO CHECK?   Those common activities mean you would use roughly 500-600 litres of water a week.  That’s a fair amount of water, so a mid-size rainwater tank (usually about 5000 litres capacity) might see you through.  Of course there are other questions to address, for example, if you want to connect the tank to your toilet or laundry. Again, our plumbers can work with you to determine what makes the most sense for your individual situation.
Government rebates.  Before purchasing a rainwater tank, people want to know what government rebates might apply.  That’s easy. The chart below shows what you can expect to claim back from the Queensland
government after purchase.
  • Tanks less than 2000 litres: $150 rebate.
  • Tanks greater than 2000 litres, used for garden only: $150
  • 2000-4999 litres total capacity, connected to system: $500
  • 5000 litres-plus, connected to system: $1000
This is simply a guide; for detailed information, see the Queensland Government website. Alternatively click here to learn more about what rebates can be claimed per eligible property.
You should also note that in order to be eligible for a rebate, a licensed plumber must perform the installation. Again, SJ Atkins Plumbing is licensed to sell and install all kinds of water-saving devices, including rainwater tanks. Please give us a ring on 5445 1054 when you’re
ready to decide on which rainwater tank or other water saving products are right for your home and garden, or click here to request a quote online.


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