Did you know that a slowly dripping cold water tap loses about 5,000 litres of water over a three month period? drip

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Top 10 Water Saving Tips..

  1. Buy dishwashers, washing machines and plumbing products that have a high star rating under the Australian Government's Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme - a five star WELS rated shower head can save an average household more than $100 each year on water and energy bills and cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to one tonne per year
  2. take shorter showers and install a water efficient shower head - a shower uses 10-20 litres of water every minute
  3. install a dual flush toilet that can save you 50 per cent of water on each flush
  4. install aerators on your taps
  5. consider using grey water from the laundry on the garden
  6. consider investing in a front loading washing machine - it may cost more initially but will use less water and detergent. Wash with cold water
  7. install a dripper system and a tap timer and check hoses and taps for leaks
  8. use mulch to prevent water loss
  9. choose a drought-resistant lawn or look into alternatives like paving or astro-turf
  10. consider installing a rain water tank