In this case, the CCTV camera found the blockage, enabling our plumbers to replace a small section of pipe, fixing the problem as quickly and as non- invasively as possible


tree roots in pipe

Tree roots can enter stormwater pipes causing problematic blockages.

Drain Pipe Cameras make finding blockages easy. Take a look at footage below from a real job.



Drain Pipe Cameras, or closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV), are specifically designed to look into drains and pipes in order to identify the source of a problem, or potential trouble spots. As the camera makes its way through the drainage pipes, we can see exactly what is happening through a video monitor. It’s especially useful for blockages and problems that tend to reoccur over time.
Often, a drain-camera inspection would be the best course of action, saving you from having to constantly repair a problem that occurs repeatedly.  Finding the exact source of a blockage can keep you from having to rip up and replace an extended portion of underground pipes and drains. Once the problem has been identified, it is often useful to utlilise our high pressure water jetters to clear the blockage quickly and effectively.