Damaged and ageing pipes can cause considerable damage through persistent leaking.


look at the water damage as a result of leaking pipes in the picture below




Leak Detection & Repair


Did you know that a slowly dripping cold water tap loses about 5,000 litres of water over a three month period? If you see wetness arond your taps and hot water systems, you could have leaks in your plumbing.

These days water is a costly commododity and no one wants to waste large quantities of it through pointless leaks. Obscured leaks, such as those that occur underground and are caused by damaged or aging pipes can result in considerable losses and enormous amounts of damage to your property or business.
The first place to start is to check for leaks is your water meter, which is usually located close to the front of your property, ususally just inside the front fence. Modern water meters display usage to as little as a tenth of a litre (100ml)enabling leaks to be identified quickly, by following the steps below.
1. Ensure that all taps within the house and garden (not including the stop-tap) are turned off, and that all water appliances, including toilets, dishwashers and washing machines, are NOT being used.
2. Take a few minutes to observe the meter look for any movement in the wheel.
3. To determine the extent of a leak, take 2 readings. After the initial reading, wait 10 minutes, then take another reading. Don't forget to read all the dials.
4. What is the difference (in litres) between the two readings?. Multiply by six to determine the amount of litres lost per hour.
5. Call a plumber to come and fix the leak!

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