Our CCTV cameras enable us to place a camera down the drain, finding the blockage, and then do the necessary plumbing work to fix the problem efficiently.


New Sewer Connections

If you are considering developing, then you may need a new sewer point or reticulation to be brought to your property. As an approved live sewer contractor SJ Atkins Plumbing has the accreditation, skills and equipment to handle your job easily.

Septic systems to mains

We can help decommission septic tanks and connections to sewer mains. SJ Atkins Plumbing can come to your home or site for an inspection to work out the best way to go about decommissioning a septic tanks, and reconnecting all the fixtures in the house to the reticulated main.
Customers have had us help replumb the house wastes where necessary, and organise to have the existing septic pumped out. We can also help with all necessary inspections and lodge plans and paper work with authorities, as well as back fill excavations and old septic.

Sewer and storm water

SJ Atkins Plumbing's staff and equipment capabilities enable us to repair blocked sewer and storm water pipes, of any size and in any location.